Multi Vendor & Technologies Solution.
One Powerful Platform.

We helps customer and app developer to build an application more powerful with one integrated platform.

Alarm Monitoring
Real-time system monitoring based on Web & Mobile Application.
Ticketing System
Integrated system, including Incident Management, Assets Management and Site Maintenance.
Asset Management
Handling the overall Assets Flow and Process Management.
Site Maintenance
Easy and rapid Site Scheduling, Maintenance, and Reporting Process.
Fault Center
Radio Access Network(RAN) Alarm Monitoring.


Get the best application performance, robust, and more consistent user experience.
Secure Authentication
Enhanced security for user login authorization. Account will be protected against unauthorized user access by securing active session with token expiration method.
Customizable Look & Feel
Completely designed with customizable User Interface to cover all business management of your ‘unique’ company, and even with any business model’s solution.
Security Push Notification
Be alerted of any change with a user account.
Complete User & Session History
Integrated or stand-alone enterprise portal to review all user activity.


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